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Vote for BTSC GIF contest winner

See our finalists in the quest for the title of Master of All GIFs!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and we had a bunch to look over. But we're limiting our finalists to a total of five entries and the below GIFs from our community got the top nods!

Some of our members had multiple entries (I'm looking at you, CTSteelers), but to be fair, we could only take one entry from each person so that more people could be in the finalists' portion of the contest. The numbers assigned to the entries are purely for organization's sake and have no seeding value; so just pick which one you liked the most.

1. From dmhindman -


One of the few Roethlisberger entries made it on the list.

2. From CTSteelers -


CT really gave it his all in this contest, unless he felt he didn't enter enough GIFs for consideration. But this one was his best work. (But seriously, 14 entries man?)

3. From the Managing Editor himself, Neal Coolong -


Neal used outside-of-the-box thinking for this one and went outside the team to crank out a solid GIF of Johnny Football throwing a pass duck under pressure. Though I've been happy that Manziel hasn't been in the majority of my NFL news-feed posts for the past two days, this deserves to be here.

4. From Fe City -


Sticking with the outside-the-box theme, Fe City also found a way to incorporate our Week 1 opponents into his GIF-making, while noting the retirement of James Harrison at the same time. Thumbs up, Fe City.

5. Last and most certainly not least, from PaVaSteeler -


Because it's so true.

Here are your finalists! Honorable mentions go out to thirdeyeSlatedog57ValyrianSteeler and Steel Spike. Thanks again to all those who submitted.

Voting ends Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, so get your vote in soon to determine who is BTSC's "Master of All GIFs!"