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Steelers OLB Jason Worilds picks up $10,000 fine for throwing a punch at Ravens TE Crockett Gillmore

Worilds docked 10 grand for post-whistle scuffle with Ravens TE Crockett Gillmore.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps it played out differently in his head.

Steelers outside linebacker Jason Worilds and Ravens tight end Crockett Gillmore were engaged on a running play during Baltimore's eventual 30-17 win over the Steelers in the Wild Card round of the AFC Playoffs. Post-whistle pushing and shoving are common in most games, and certainly those between these two teams.

Worilds took it a tad too far, however.

In what appeared to be an effort to throw Gillmore's hands off him, Worilds swung wildly with his right arm, hitting nothing but giving off the impression he looked to sock Gillmore in the face. He missed, but the officials saw it and immediately threw a flag.

It cost the Steelers 15 yards (in a game they were penalized eight times for 114 yards), and, as of Friday, cost Worilds $10,000.

It's insult to him after injury was caused to the team. The Steelers played in a similarly undisciplined and over-emotional manner in their Week 2 loss to the same team. They gave the Ravens 114 yards in penalties, as well as losing 35 yards in five sacks. Baltimore only gained 295 yards in the game.

Baltimore advanced to the AFC Divisional game against New England Saturday as Worilds mulls his options in terms of free agency. The fifth-year linebacker played the 2014 season under the Steelers' transition tag, earning $9.75 million for the year. He's now a free agent, and bringing him back to Pittsburgh may be a difficult proposition, considering the team's salary cap position.