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Steelers defensive ranks in Dick LeBeau's tenure

An outstanding run of success was only dimmed over the last two seasons, but it was enough, in the end, for the Steelers to move on from their long-time defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers by Year (league rank by yards allowed and scoring)

Year Pass D Run D Scoring D
2004 4 1 3
2005 9 5 3
2006 20 3 11
2007 3 3 2
2008 1 2 1
2009 16 3 12
2010 12 1 1
2011 1 8 1
2012 1 2 6
2013 9 21 14
2014 27 6 18

To say the Steelers had some success in total defense when Dick LeBeau was in charge would be a mild understatement.

The Steelers led the NFL in scoring defense three times (2008 and 2010-11) since 2004, winning two Super Bowl championships and three AFC championships in that time. They also finished in the top five three additional times, as well as finishing top five in run defense seven times in 11 seasons.

LeBeau had his limitations as well. The Steelers' tackle-the-catch philosophy came under fire as the ability of the average NFL quarterback improved considerably since 2010, and with more receivers and more athletic tight ends becoming more prominent, the Steelers' scoring defense dropped out of the top ten for two consecutive years for the first time in LeBeau's tenure.

The success was there, but it wasn't as consistent as it had been in the past, but few, if any, had better defenses year in and year out in his time with the team.