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Steelers set to work out CFL OLB Shawn Lemon

The Steelers are looking to address their pass rush this offseason, and they're kicking over stones to find one.


This certainly wouldn't be the first CFL player to try out with the Steelers. Both native Canadians and American transplants who found themselves playing north of the border have come in for tryouts, without having merited any results.

Different times call for different circumstances. With a new defensive coordinator set to be named (linebacker coach Keith Butler is all but assured to get the job), the Steelers must find ways to improve a pass rush that can only be fairly described as mediocre over the last four seasons.

Will Akron product - same conference as James Harrison - Lemon be a guy to help boost it? History would suggest not, considering the lack of CFL players the Steelers have signed, but due diligence is a good thing. Playing for the Calgary Stampeders, Lemon was among the league leaders in sacks, and his film shows he's a sudden, explosive athlete.

One drawback would be the bulk of his clips where he's rushing the passer standing up us coming from a 9-technique spot. He'd be moving in quite a ways, comparatively speaking. He doesn't seem like the strongest player, but with the need for speed rushers in today's NFL, there's a reason the Steelers, Titans and 12 other teams are having him in for a look.