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Keith Butler says Steelers will show both 3-4 and 4-3 in first interview

Who doesn't love pro-Steelers rhetoric? Coach Butler speaks well and sends exciting vibes through the fan base, how much will that resonate with the Steelers' defense? One thing will be a varied look, similar to what they do now.

Karl Walter/Getty Images

One thing fans will enjoy about Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler is he's a great quote. He knows how to sell.

Suggesting in his first public interview - given to Steelers Digest's Bob Labriola Tuesday a few hours after his appointment to defensive coordinator - that winning Super Bowls is more important to him than just taking any other defensive coordinator job, and that the Steelers will give him the best chance of doing that is a great sales job.

Can he convince his players to feel the same way? That's what's critical here for the first new defensive coordinator in the Mike Tomlin Era of Steelers football. Certainly, it helps to praise the one who came before him. Butler spoke glowingly about LeBeau, noting his love for the players on the field and wanting to "do right" by them.

It's not all about making friends, it's about fielding a football team (not to insinuate Butler is saying that). The Steelers' defense has been more friendly than fierce lately, that's not acceptable in a fan base used to winning, but not as much as it's used to physical, successful and dominant defense.

Butler will be judged publicly by the level of intensity and voracity of his team's defense, particularly the pass rush. One thing aimed to help that is a continued use of a varied defensive front that will, according to Butler, include 4-3 looks in the team's sub-packages.

"With what offenses are doing nowadays in the National Football League, they’re playing a lot of three wide receivers and a tight end and a running back, for the most part," Butler told Labriola. "In those situations, we’re going to be in kind of a 4-3 anyway, but we’re still going to be able to run the 3-4 also. It gives you a little bit more versatility, I think."