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5 Burning Questions to start Steelers offseason

Was it right for LeBeau to go? Has any other assistant amassed a legacy that even come close to LeBeau's? Who else should be on the hot seat down on the South Side? Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Steelers.

Steelers 2015 offseason begins with Dick LeBeau, Steelers parting ways.
Steelers 2015 offseason begins with Dick LeBeau, Steelers parting ways.
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The Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 off season is starting with a bang. Dick LeBeau is out at defensive coordinator and Keith Butler is in. There are of course a host of other issues which the Steelers front office and coaches must sort out as well, but first Steelers Nation must deal with these 5 Burning Questions on the Steelers off season.

1. OK, let's start with the big one. Regardless of whether he was forced out, it was a mutual parting, or he actually "surprised" the Steelers with his resignation, do you agree or disagree with Dick LeBeau's departure? Defend your choice (and please be respectful to those who have a different view.)

2. Do you think the Steelers were right to replace LeBeau with Keith Butler without even so much as interviewing other candidates?

3. How would you rate Dick LeBeau's legacy with the Steelers and how does his contribution stack up vs. other Steelers assistant coaches?

4. Unlike Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin often times subtlety shows his coaches the door (see Scottie Montgomery.)  BTSC editor Neal Coolong has suggested that secondary coach Carnell Lake might be a good candidate for such a coaching change. Would you agree with that and what other coaching changes might you make?

5. With the defensive coordinator question settled, what now do you consider to be the Steelers most important off season issue?
Bonus Question

Last week we promised to keep the 5 Burnings Off Season Focused, so consider this one an DVD extra:

6. What was the play of the year for the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers? You only get to name one. Make your choice and defend it.
There you go folks, have at it!