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Ike Taylor "honestly doesn't think" he's playing in Pittsburgh in 2015

A remnant of past championship defenses, Ike Taylor doesn't think the Steelers will welcome him back next season. Taylor is a free agent heading into 2015.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Ike Taylor seems to think his marriage to the Pittsburgh Steelers is coming to an end.

According to his words on Joe Starkey's radio show, Taylor casts doubt over a potential 13th season with the team, saying he "honestly doesn't think so" when asked if the Steelers would be asking him to return.

As an unrestricted free agent, Taylor would be free to sign with any other team.  A few weeks ago, Taylor stated he would either be returning to the Steelers as a player or he would be retiring from the NFL.  Taylor, however, indicated on the radio interview his earlier sentiments might not be the case.

"My cleats are always ready to put on.  I've been fortunate enough with Pittsburgh.  Just because Pittsburgh may not feel like I can do it doesn't feel like somebody else might think I can do it," said Taylor.

Taylor appeared ready to ride off into the sunset as a proud lifer of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but now seems set on continuing his career; if someone else will take him.

Although this bout of 'flip-flopping' may rub some Steelers fans the wrong way, it's worth mentioning Taylor was injured for most of the 2014 season, and he could potentially be a bargain, veteran minimum player to bring into another contending team.  At the very least Taylor could provide depth at cornerback and be a strong locker room presence.

If the Steelers allow Taylor to walk, both sides will likely understand it's a business decision, and judging by Taylor's attitude, no ill-will or hard feelings will be harbored on his end on towards the team.