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NFL Conference Championship games open thread

May as well commiserate as the top echelon of the league plays for the right to appear in Super Bowl XLIX.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Let's just dive right into it here.

I've got the Seahawks -7 over the Packers and the Colts covering 7.5 on the road, but the Patriots will win it late, setting up a Patriots Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX. This game is getting less and less interesting to me overall, but you have to respect how well constructed this Seahawks team is.

The rest are also-rans, in my mind. The Colts still don't have good enough of a defense, and Andrew Luck isn't THAT good - he may be the worst of the four quarterbacks in the conference championship games. The Patriots are always well-prepared, and they'll get past Indianapolis here today. Green Bay can't take that defense into Seattle and expect to win with a hobbled Aaron Rodgers. May not even be able to do it with a healthy Aaron Rodgers. So much for the Packers being the IT team back in 2011, huh?

Anyway, we're here all night for the games, and hopefully get some recaps done at some point. Stick around, maybe we'll come up with a contest or two. Why not? We're bored. It's a Steelers-less conference championship weekend.