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Steelers statement to ESPN regarding Jack Kearney

The Steelers gave their response to a recent ESPN report regarding allegations that Steelers head of security Jack Kearney improperly assisting Steelers' players with legal issues.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

An ESPN Outside the Lines report depicted Jack Kearney, the head of Steelers' security, as a behind-the-scenes "fixer" working to improperly shield Steelers players involving law enforcement.

The Steelers released this statement to ESPN, and stood by it when asked for a comment by the Tribune Review.

Jack Kearney has assisted the Steelers with security for players, coaches and other staff since 2001. His services are provided on a part-time basis, with the majority of his time coming during the football season. We are not aware of any conflicts in regard to his time on Steelers matters, nor are we aware of any conflicts of interest.

The report had gathered information regarding Kearney's involvement in recent investigations surrounding Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams. It expanded into situations involving quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and ex-linebacker Richard Siegler.

The report indicates the Steelers declined to allow Kearney to speak to ESPN as a team employee. Allegheny County Sheriff William P. Mullen told ESPN he has no knowledge of anything to suggest Kearney's dual role is causing any kind of conflict of interest.