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Friday Night 5 questions and open thread

Another Friday night, another excellent list of questions followed by Steelers-themed merriment. Join in!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Quite the week. Lots of moving and shaking, the Steelers look to break their curse of punter consistency (not their production necessarily, but their jersey at least) and we're finding things to talk about. It must be a Steelers-less January, given the fact the signing of Brad Wing is viewed as something particularly newsworthy.

Ya know what else is (not) newsworthy? The five questions. Remember, you must announce your beverage of choice, no discussions about spinoff sequels to Boogie Nights and if you haven't copied our idea to donate money, you must do so now, or...nothing at all will happen.

1. You can sign two of these three Steelers free agents: Matt Spaeth, James Harrison and Will Allen. Which ones and why?

2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being it's essential to uncover the truth immediately and 1 is only more important than the stuff between my toes), how much do you care about DeflateGate?

3. Speaking of that, come up with a new one-syllable noun we can apply to any scandal to make us feel comfortable in knowing the appropriate level of media hype has been applied. "Gate" is an archaic term now, and if we are really at the point we apply it to the Patriots' alleged deflation of footballs five decades after it was used to describe a massive presidential scandal, it's time for something new. Considering the Patriots, under owner Bob Kraft are consistently finding Gate-worthy scandals, I suggest the new word be "Kraft." So instead of "DeflateGate," It's "Deflate-Kraft."

4. Which position will the Steelers absolutely not draft in 2015?

5. Antonio Brown and Lawrence Timmons (pictured) are celebrating at practice leading into the Pro Bowl Sunday. Do you feel any sense of interest in watching Timmons play in his first Pro Bowl? Will you watch the game at all?