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2015 Senior Bowl open thread

No DeflateGate mentions, no talk of other sports, just the draft, the Senior Bowl and which of these players will be on the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Let's talk prospects.

Who do you like? Who's standing out? How many funny and lackadaisical comments will be made when the action gets kind of slow? These are the things we hope for during the Senior Bowl.

Weigh in with your comments regarding The Big Board, and who may have moved up or down. We'll pose a few questions for use in future publications and ask for a few lighthearted comments as well, both for our enjoyment as well as the possible use in future publications.

I need to continue acting like I'm working otherwise I'll be pulled into daily chores, so please for my sake, keep the comments coming. I don't ask for much, people. Let's make this happen today.

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