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Pittsburgh to make February Dick LeBeau Month

If LeBeau is looking to accept a position with the Tennessee Titans, he'll receive his honor in Pittsburgh first.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

KDKA in Pittsburgh is reporting Pittsburgh City Counsel is planning to proclaim February to be Dick LeBeau Month, and will feature the former Steelers defensive coordinator in a ceremony in counsel chambers Feb. 3.

The station's web site quoted LeBeau's son, Rick, saying his dad was moved by the honor, describing his reaction has "hard to put into words."

Reports surfaced Monday evening LeBeau is primed to accept a coaching position with the Tennessee Titans. This news came after reports indicated LeBeau would not join Bruce Arians' staff with the Arizona Cardinals. LeBeau has been in the NFL as a player or a coach for the last 56 seasons.

He lives in the Cincinnati area, and one of the reasons he isn't heading to Arizona is he wants to be closer to home. The Titans, based in Nashville, is about 275 miles from Cincinnati.

The Steelers and LeBeau parted ways this offseason, with the team promoting linebackers coach Keith Butler to defensive coordinator, the first new defensive coordinator since LeBeau took over in his second stint in Pittsburgh in 2004.