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Steelers Brett Keisel wants to move past DeflateGate

Pittsburgh Steelers' defensive linemen Brett Keisel sounded off on the New England Patriots, his dislike for the team, DeflateGate and his overall admiration for what they've accomplished.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

When any member of the Pittsburgh Steelers is on a national stage and is asked about the New England Patriots, the response can be rather predictable. There isn't much love lost between the two teams. When defensive lineman Brett Keisel joined ESPN's SVP and Russillo radio show to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots the word 'dislike' was used to describe his personal feelings regarding the Patriots.

With that said, it didn't stop Keisel from also talking about the accomplishments Tom Brady and company have seen throughout his time in New England.

"Six times to the Super Bowl in the Belichick era is just phenomenal," Keisel said from Arizona. "It's unfortunate that these things are coming up."

Those 'things' Keisel is referring to is a growing list of questionable decisions by head coach Bill Belichick which date back to the SpyGate scandal, and now the every popular DeflateGate scandal where the team had 11 of 12 footballs deflated under the appropriate level in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Keisel's take on the entire situation is rather refreshing.

"I don't think that this whole football scandal is relevant one bit. No one really knows, 'Well did it happen, didn't it happen?'" Keisel said. "It's just unfortunate because there's so many other guys, other teammates that are part of the Patriots. Or there's so many guys that are on the Seahawks team that are part of the Super Bowl and rather than the focus being on those guys and their accomplishments getting here it's on all of this."

Keisel's attitude on the Patriots and this scandal certainly would be echoed across the NFL landscape, but it truly is a shame this scandal has marred the week leading up to the big game leaving most fans not having heard much in terms of talk of the actual football game which will kick off this Sunday.