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Pittsburgh Steelers fans are more profane on social media than any other NFL fanbase

The Pittsburgh Steelers might not be in the Super Bowl, but their fans still have a claim to fame. A study recently released showed Steeler Nation uses the most profanity on social media than any other NFL fanbase.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Pittsburgh has always been known as a blue collar town. Hard working people who like to party just as hard when they are able. Since the 1970's Steelers dynasty, the fan base, affectionately known as 'Steeler Nation', has grown almost globally and is often considered the true America's team. With that growth makes the connection between city and team almost irrelevant in terms of the overall fanbase.

Nonetheless, a recent study from Proofpoint Nexgate showed the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base uses the most profane language on social media in comparison to the other 31 NFL fanbases.

Not necessarily a claim to fame most would be proud of, but those Steelers fans who dabble in social media know all too well the venom which can be disseminated before, during and especially after Steelers games.

Do fans really care about their salty language they might see on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts? Some very well might, but most probably don't give a sh-t.