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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

We delve deeply into media coverage, that game on Sunday and that running back who's going to Canton in August.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rumor has it a game with properly inflated footballs will be played Sunday in Glendale, Ariz., between the Patriots of New England and the Seahawks of Seattle.

We see it more as a solemn occasion in which some kind of controversy will spark, giving all of us something to talk about for the next few weeks. Not a bad trade-off, just one we wish went down without a hitch for once.

Rules are the must announce your drink, we ask that you come up with your own content ideas before accepting people's money and as always, no discussions of Supertramp.

1. DeflateGate raged on to the point where it's hard to even follow what's being said by either the league or by those involved. On one hand, the media have an obligation to put forward the news as it's happening. On the other, it's a simple narrative that really isn't much of a story until and if the league even hands out any kind of punishment. Do you feel the media are creating their own narrative with this? Have we heard enough about the game scheduled for Sunday?

2. We don't feel the need to ask whether ex-Steelers running back Jerome Bettis will make the Hall of Fame. He's going to get in. Please provide a unique way to say "Jerome Bettis is going to the Hall of Fame."

3. Amid all of this, the game will be played. Who's going to win, and who will be the MVP?

4. Will Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell get a first place vote for NFL MVP?

5. Ex-Steelers coach Bill Cowher was on Charlie Rose's This Week Friday. He highlighted Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins as a key player in this game. Can the Steelers find a Collins level player in this draft, or will they hover around the 33 sack mark again?