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Friday Night Five Questions and open thread

The offseason starts with a few random and in some ways provocative questions.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The year sadly came to a close after our last Five Questions, and it's a difficult chore diving back into this. This is the limbo period of the hack writer's schedule (and those who copy/paste the ideas and statistics of said hack writer and his staff). Readers are still probably in a bit of pain over the rough ending, but things could be worse.

Do you realize you could take out the names of coaches and front office execs, and basically write the exact same story for the last three season-enders for the Cleveland Browns? That seems worse right now. 

We're moving onto the offseason, and onto the questions. As usual, please, pronounce your drink, do not make references to Parkour and if you have not paid for our servers, please give us money now.

1. Which team are you on for the 2015 NFL Draft, Team Cornerback or Team Pass Rusher with the 22nd overall pick?

2. You have the option to add (with a salary cap waiver) any player remaining in the NFL playoffs while removing any one player currently on the Steelers' roster. Who is it and why?

3. Five times, 10 times or 20 times, how much better are Nacho Cheese Doritos than Cool Ranch?

4. The over/under for Steelers Pro Bowl selections in 2015 is 6. Are you taking the over or under, and which ones are they?

5. Who will win Super Bowl 49?