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Follow the Pittsburgh Steelers and BTSC on Apple News

For those Apple customers who recently upgraded their phone, be sure to follow BTSC on Apple News.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of the long-time criticisms of SB Nation and BTSC was the fact there was no app for people to download which would give them quicker, and more convenient access, to BTSC and it's material. Well, that still doesn't technically exist, but there is a new way to access all the great Pittsburgh Steelers content BTSC provides on a daily basis.

For those readers who have an Apple product, and have upgrade to the latest IOS system, you now have the Apple News app on your phone. Within Apple news you can access BTSC and have all of it's content there in your Apple News app. Simply search Behind the Steel Curtain, or search Pittsburgh Steelers and scroll through the channels to find us.

The application updates whenever a story is published, and the only downfall of this avenue for Steelers information is no comments are able to be read or written from the app. If you are someone who reads BTSC, but never comments, this is the perfect app for you to utilize on a daily basis. If you are a big-time commenter on the site, then sadly this won't do much for you in terms of communicating with other Steelers fans across the globe.

This is just another great way for you to find all the BTSC content in an easier, user friendly format. So, go on Apple News and follow BTSC! Here we go Steelers!