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Despite facts, Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. still has Steelers S Mike Mitchell on his "hit list"

Steve Smith Sr. has never been one to bite his tongue, especially since joining the Baltimore Ravens and it relates to to Pittsburgh Steelers. Seems despite facts, Smith is still angry at Mike Mitchell for his injured back in Week 4.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

When the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football in overtime of Week 4, most thought the Ravens would be excited to not only get their first victory of the season, but also rejoice in beating their rival Steelers. They were just that, except for wide receiver Steve Smith Sr.

It was after the game when Smith made the comment of Mike Mitchell being placed on his "personal, lifetime hit list"for spearing him in the back and causing his lower back injury. After watching the film, it was clear Mitchell was nowhere near Smith when he was injured, but it was Lawrence Timmons and Antwon Blake who administered the hit which injured the veteran wide receiver.

Facts go out the window with Smith Sr., and he remains bitter about the situation. When talking to the Ravens official website, he had the following to say about Mitchell and the injury which has kept him out of the lineup since the Week 4 game at Heinz Field.

"[Lawrence] Timmons hit me, which I didn't know," Smith said Friday, via the team's official website. "But Mike Mitchell, my former teammate, gets up and he's talking, he's kind of celebrating. He was in my face after I got up, when I was giving the ball to the ref, as if he hit me. Like a moron, I assumed that he actually did something.

"Then, when I went down because my back was hurting, he was yelling, ‘Yeah, how do you like that!' and he said a few words. . . . That's what ticked me off."

Since Timmons was the player who administered the hit, does Smith have a beef with him?

"It was a good, solid hit by Timmons," Smith said. "He was knocking people all over the field."

At this point, most might wonder what it takes to find yourself on Smith's personal, lifetime hit list? The criteria is very simple, according to Smith.

"You get on it because you're stupid," Smith said.

Well, there you have it. It is a shame these two teams won't meet again until the Steelers travel to M&T Bank Stadium on December 27th for the final meeting of the 2015 regular season for these AFC North rivals.