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Potential options at kicker if the Steelers choose to cut ties with Josh Scobee

Take a look at several kickers who could be potential options for the Steelers if the organization chooses to severe ties with Josh Scobee.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

There is a strong possibility Josh Scobee has kicked his last field goal as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. After missing two field goals in the 23-20 overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Scobee has now missed 4 field goals, and an extra point, through 4 weeks of play.

When Mike Tomlin was asked about the possibility of bringing in another kicker to replace Scobee, he didn't respond with the usual, "We have faith in Scobee to do his job.", but rather responded with, "You know, we got to turn the stones over and find ways to win games. Obviously that's an element of it, and it was an element of the outcome tonight."

Not glowing praise for Scobee, but the decision to cut ties with the kicker won't be an easy one, not after the Steelers traded a draft pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the veteran place kicker. However, every fan across the globe is wondering when enough is enough with the Steelers ongoing issues trying to replace Shaun Suisham.

With that said, who are some possible candidates to replace Scobee, if the team chooses to do so between now and their Week 5 game against the San Diego Chartgers on Monday Night Football? Here is a list of free agent veteran kickers who might be able to help fill the void. There are plenty of undrafted free agent rookie kickers, but the Steelers have shown a tendency to want veteran kickers on their roster, so it seems only right to analyze the veteran kickers still on the market.

Jay Feely

Feely was one of the kickers who was brought in early this preseason when Suisham went down with an injury, and lost a competition with Garrett Hartley. Feely certainly could be an option for the Steelers, and reports from the try out at Heinz Field stated he matched Hartley kick-for-kick before the Steelers chose Hartley as the winner of the competition. Feely last kicked for the Chicago Bears in 2014 and he is a career 85.5 percent kicker, and at this point would be an upgrade over the current kicker on the team's roster.

Shayne Graham

The veteran kicker has played in a variety of cities and climates, some of that time being spent in the AFC North with the Cincinnati Bengals. Graham last played with the New Orlean Saints in 2014 and is waiting for another chance to kick in the NFL. The former Pro Bowl kicker should certainly be an option for the Steelers if cutting Scobee is what they want to do.

Alex Henery

The former Philadelphia Eagles kicker spent the majority of the 2014 season waiting for a phone call, and when the Detroit Lions called it only resulted in a 2-game stint which saw the kicker make 4 out of 5 attempts before he became a free agent again. Henery has experience with Philadelphia, and has been a rather accurate kicker throughout his career. Shaun Suisham was once maligned for his lack of accuracy, and Henery might be an answer for the Steelers if they choose to bring him in on a try-out.

Jeff Reed

Yeah, the former Steelers kicker Jeff Reed took to Twitter after the team's loss stating he wants another shot at kicking for the black and gold.

This isn't the first time this season Reed has requested the Steelers to give him another shot. It would be a long shot, but if the Steelers are truly going to look at a kicker, Reed's experience at Heinz Field shouldn't be overlooked if he can show he still has the leg to make kicks when it matters.