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After talking with NFL, Steelers Cameron Heyward will stop wearing the "Iron Head" eye black strips

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cameron Heyward spoke with the NFL league office regarding his wearing eye black strips which read "Iron Head" in honor of his late father. After the conversation, Heyward will not be donning the message any longer.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cameron Heyward caused quite the stir with the local and national media when he made it known on his official Twitter account that he was fined nearly $6,000 dollars for writing "Iron" and "Head" on his eye black strips in honor of his late father "Ironhead" Heyward.

Hewyard's father died of cancer a few years ago and the current Steelers defensive captain was simply paying homage to his dad during the month in which the NFL is honoring those who battle with breast cancer on a daily basis. The fine didn't stop Heyward from donning the same eye black strips for the Steelers' most recent win against the Arizona Cardinals at Heinz Field in Week 6; however, after speaking with the NFL league office on Tuesday, Heyward has decided to stop writing "Iron" and "Head" on his eye black strips.

See his official statement on his Twitter page:

Heyward clearly does not want this to be a distraction to the Steelers as their quest to win their seventh Lombardi trophy rages on as they sit with a 4-2 record heading into Week 7. If anything positive came out of this ordeal, it is how a company which produces specialized eye black strips will begin production of "Ironhead" eye black strips, with 50-percent of the proceeds going to cancer research.

It is a shame the NFL handled the situation the way they did, but for the Steelers and Cam Heyward, they seem happy to move on from the publicity it caused.