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Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to win Super Bowl 50, win the AFC North and make the playoffs

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-2, check out the odds on them making their second consecutive postseason, winning the division and even advancing to Super Bowl 50.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-2 heading into Week 7 of the 2015 NFL calendar. They have done a tremendous job of keeping the ship afloat through a myriad of trials. Whether it be the injuries to Shaun Suisham and Maurkice Pouncey in the preseason, the suspensions of Le'Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant or the in-season injuries to Ryan Shazier and Ben Roethlisberger. The team simply keeps on rolling along winning football games.

Periodically throughout the season Las Vegas sports books will update their odds in specific areas, and the Bovada sports book just updated their playoff odds, Super Bowl odds and divisional odds for every team in the NFL. Take a look at where the Pittsburgh Steelers reside in all three categories.

Odds to win Super Bowl 50:

Pittsburgh Steelers: 18/1 (Previous odds: 28/1)

Top 3:

New England Patriots: 11/4
Green Bay Packers: 13/4
Cincinnati Bengals: 10/1

Odds to win the American Football Conference (AFC):

Pittsburgh Steelers: 9/1

Top 3:

New England Patriots: 11/10
Cincinnati Bengals: 19/4
Denver Broncos: 19/4

Odds to win the AFC North Division:

Cincinnati Bengals: 1/6
Pittsburgh Steelers: 7/2
Baltimore Ravens: 50/1
Cleveland Browns: 50/1

The Steelers odds in all of these categories have improved with each win. If the team can manage to win a tough road game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 7 at Arrowhead Stadium they will surely be on the fast track to improving these odds.

If you are someone who loves the Steelers chances in all of these categories, and think the team is on the fast track to bigger and better things, it is suggested you make the appropriate phone calls to ensure you are able to allow the Steelers to pay some dividends for you after this 2015 season, both figuratively and literally.