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AFC North: Browns lose to the Chargers in a close, sloppy match up

The Browns did what the Browns do best: They lost.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns and the Chargers aren't the most exciting teams to watch, but the outcome is relevant to Steelers fans. The Browns are AFC North competitors and the Steelers take on the Chargers in Week 5.

The Browns snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, giving rookie Chargers kicker Josh Lambo a second chance to make a field goal in the final seconds of their Week 4 battle. Having missed the first field goal, the Browns stood in disbelief as the second attempt sailed through the uprights.

What did we learn about the Chargers?

1) The Browns had to self-destruct for the Chargers to pull out a victory. That says a lot.

2) Phillip Rivers is continuing a highly productive season. Against the Browns he had 358 yards and three touchdowns.

3) The Chargers lack superstar receivers and running backs. RB Melvin Gordon has yet to score an NFL touchdown or break 100 yards rushing in a single game. Danny Woodhead's best game so far was against the Browns when he tallied 54 yards on the ground and 84 yards off of four receptions.

4) The Chargers offense is OK. San Diego tends to put up a lot of yards, but are only ranked 16th in the league for average points per game. They also struggle on the ground, ranked 20th in the league.

5) The Chargers have a fairly weak defense. If the Browns were able to score 27 points, the Steelers should be able to put up some points too, even without Ben Roethlisberger.

6) The Chargers punter had a bad game. If he kicks that poorly again, averaging 29.0 yards per punt, that will be a huge advantage to the Steelers in Week 5.

What did we learn about the Browns?

1) Josh McCown isn't awful. He is by no means an elite quarterback, but he had an efficient game completing 32 of 41 attempts for 356 yards and two touchdowns.

2) The Browns have some offensive weapons. Sure, they aren't on the level of other AFC North threats like A.J. Green or the Steelers offensive assets, but rookie RB Duke Johnson and fourth-year wide receiver Travis Benjamin have been productive so far this season.

3) The Browns have trouble winning. They should have won today against the Chargers, but instead self-destructed in typical Cleveland Browns fashion. Speaking of self-destruction, they had twelve penalties during the game.

4) The Browns defense forced several three-and-outs with some crafty and aggressive blitzing early on in the game. Their defense definitely has potential.

The Chargers (2-2) take on the Steelers (2-2) in Week 5 on Monday Night Football, while the Browns (1-3) face off against the Ravens (1-3) in Baltimore.