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Report: Josh Scobee suffered quad strain before his release from Steelers

A day after the Pittsburgh Steelers released kicker Josh Scobee, a CBS Sports report suggested Scobee was kicking with an injured quadriceps muscle.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Call it a desperate attempt to continue his career in the NFL, or simply stating the truth, but a recent report from CBS Sports' Jason La Confora suggest Josh Scobee was playing injured while with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers released Scobee over the weekend, and signed the inexperienced Chris Boswell to fill their vacancy at placekicker, and, per the report, Scobee will have to wait a few weeks before other suitors can potentially sign him to their active roster.

The teams who were interested weren't listed, but one would think a team would have to be in dire straits to want to sign a kicker who has already missed 4 field goals and an extra point through 4 games in 2015. To add to Scobee's less than stellar kicking statistics, he failed to make a kick from 40-49 yards during his short stint with the Steelers.

Scobee declaring an injury after his release isn't out of the norm. As stated before, he is trying to keep his options open to kick again in the NFL this season; however, Steelers fans shouldn't buy the injury as a reason for his release. The duration, or timeline, of the injury to Scobee's quadriceps muscle was not released, but if it happened prior to the Thursday Night Football game, it wasn't serious enough for the team to make plans for the injured placekicker.

Regardless of the reason, Scobee is now a free agent, and Chris Boswell is the 4th kicker the Steelers have utilized since the start of training camp.