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Recently signed Steelers kicker Chris Boswell's insane onside kick video

Newly acquired placekicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chris Boswell, doesn't have much NFL experience, but he has accomplished one of the coolest onside kicks ever done when he was in college.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Placekickers are a different breed of football player. They spend a lot of time by themselves, or with a select group of people. Doing so can lead to some pretty interesting trick shots, etc., but rarely do those equate into an actual game setting. For Pittsburgh Steelers newly acquired kicker, Chirs Boswell, he is known for one of the most insane onside kick's in college football history.

Check out the play for yourself:

Boswell is a very versatile athlete who spent time with the Houston Texans as a punter, spent time this preseason with the New York Giants as a placekicker and was known for his big leg while being the placekicker at Rice in college.

Boswell having the opportunity to duplicate this style of onside kick for the Steelers in 2015 has yet to be seen, but the fact he has this trick up his sleeves will make opposing teams have to account for it if the situation ever arises.

Whether or not this is every used in a NFL contest doesn't take away from the play itself. Kickers don't get much credit, and this play certainly deserves a tip of the cap.