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New Steelers K Chris Boswell: "All I'm worrying about now is getting the job done for this team."

The Pittsburgh Steelers new kicker was tested at Heinz Field during his most recent try-out, and he is now prepared to making kicks for the black and gold.

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

When it comes to placekickers and Heinz Field, the two entities typically don't mix. The stadium known as "The Big Ketchup Bottle" has been known to make life miserable for kickers, but it seems recently it has been playing mind games with the wrong team, as Josh Scobee failed to anchor the job for longer than 4 weeks.

With Scobee out of the lineup, now enters Chris Boswell, and as Boswell got the chance to become acclimated to the Heinz Field experience with his try-out this past weekend where he beat out former Washington Redskins kicker Kai Forbath.

"It was an experience because it was pouring rain and it was windy — all the elements you want," Boswell told Ralph Paulk of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Monday after his first day of practice with the Steelers. "I hear it gets bad up here, so it was a good test and good competition."

Some point to Boswell's inexperience, he has yet to attempt a kick in a NFL regular season game, as cause for concern as the Steelers now work with their 4th placekicker this 2015 season.

"Things just didn't line up well (with the Giants)," said Boswell. "All I'm worrying about now is getting the job done for this team. It's all about timing when you're a kicker, and I'm trying to take advantage of it. I don't want to let anybody down."

Boswell, although inexperienced, understands the job he has in front of him. Simply put - make kicks.

"No matter the elements, you have to find a way to put (the ball) through the pipes," Boswell said. "It's the same kick all the time, and you really can't worry about anything; just clear your head and kick it. Kicking is kicking, and it doesn't really matter whether you are on your own or if everyone is watching. You want to take the same mental preparation on every single kick. Every kick is a pressure situation. I don't find any other kick any more valuable than another."

Boswell will certainly experience the fact there certainly are some kicks which are more valuable than others, simply watch the Steelers most recent loss to the Baltimore Ravens in overtime as Exhibit A. Nonetheless, one of the most tenured players on the Steelers' roster, Greg Warren, sees a lot of good with the young kicker.

"The little bit I've seen (Boswell) kick, he has a strong leg. He's got a good demeanor about himself, and I think he'll be pretty good."

The Steelers, and their fans everywhere, are hoping Boswell can duplicate the success Shaun Suisham experienced when he came to Pittsburgh, and not revert to Scobee's horrendous start in the Steel City.