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Golf Digest blames karma for Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Josh Scobee's poor performance

Steelers fans aren't the only ones keeping up with the Josh Scobee story.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Golf Digest's Josh Strege has an interesting take on Josh Scobee's poor performance as the Pittsburgh Steelers (former) placekicker. Karma.

Yes, that's right. Karma. Forget the difficulty of kicking at Heinz Field, Scobee's strained quad, and other football-related excuses for the botched extra points and field goals. Scobee kicked poorly because he made fun of Tiger Woods earlier in the year.

Tiger Woods took an indefinite break from golf in February after playing some of the worst golf of his career at the Phoenix Open and Farmers Insurance Open. He cited injury as the reason for the decline of his game. Coincidentally, or maybe karmically, Scobee also is suffering from an injury right now, one that could have contributed to his botched extra points and field goals while he was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before you laugh at the karmic retribution theory, Strege has other evidence that this is indeed a thing. In 2011 Jason Dufner made fun of the St. Louis Cardinals. A few short months after his comment, he ended up chocking and giving up a huge lead in the PGA Championship.