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Chill out or Freak out: Oakland Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers edition

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The Steelers came out with in win in a game against the Oakland Raiders that was as thrilling as any in recent memory.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Steelers came out with a win after a hard-fought battle at Heinz Field against an AFC rival. With a final score of 38-35, the margin of victory was very narrow. Let's take a look at some areas worth freaking out over and some areas about which fans can chill out.

Le'Veon Bell Out for the Season- Polar Vortex Chill Out

DeAngelo Williams was an adequate replacement for Bell during Bell's suspension, and he is more than an adequate replacement for #26 now. From his crazy chip block against Aldon Smith to his impressive 170-yard rushing total, DeAngelo Williams proved to Steelers fans that there is no need to freak out. In addition to an impressive performance on the ground, Williams also had two completions through the air for 55 yards. Because of his strong performance on the field, leadership qualities, and experience, DeAngelo Williams is a Polar Vortex Chill Out (PVCO).

Check out some coverage on D-Will from BTSC over the past few months:

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Also flashback to a Freak Out or Chill Out from August that addresses special teams, back up quarterbacks, and DeAngelo Williams.

Special Teams- Freak Out

Chris Boswell missed his first kick as a professional football player today. Otherwise, he was perfect. No need to freak out about Boswell, although it was disappointing to realize he is human. The Steelers dismissed Dri Archer and brought in Jacoby Jones to fill in for him. Unfortunately, Jones faced some of the same problems that limited Archer's productivity: Poor blocking and coverage. Special teams coach Danny Smith and the special teams players need to put in some serious work during the bye week in order to correct this deficiency.

Consistency of the Run Defense- Freak Out

Note that the point of freakoutability is the consistency of the run defense. The Steelers defense can peform well against the run. They have it in them. Somehow, though, they can't manage to stop the run consistently. Against the Raiders, the Steelers allowed Oakland's Latavius Murray to get away with a 44-yard run and Jamize Olawale run down the field for 19 yards, an effort that resulted in a touchdown. The Steelers cannot afford to have a shoddy run defense against Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks.