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Charlie Batch hosts 9th annual In the Pocket fundraiser for education

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Charlie Batch is everyone's favorite backup quarterback. He also does important work in the community. He hosted a fundraiser for his foundation on Monday.

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With Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger injured for the second time this season, fans would like nothing more than to see Charlie Batch suit up again and take to the field. Let's be honest. We'd be happy just to see him on the sidelines with a clipboard.

Batch's days as the Steelers backup quarterback are behind him. Now, he is making even more important contributions to the Pittsburgh community through his foundation, the Best of the Batch. Monday, he held his 9th Annual In the Pocket fundraiser to support initiatives that provide academic, recreational, social, and athletic opportunities for the youth of Pittsburgh.

I visited Batch's foundation in September after the Steelers victory against the San Francisco 49ers. Batch doesn't just invest money in his foundation, he invests countless hours as a constant, hands-on presence along with his wife, Tasha. My visit coincided with his Batch Packs initiative which provides school supplies and backpacks to underprivileged kids.He had rooms full of glue sticks, pens, pencils, paper-- whatever kids need to start their school year with the same advantages as their peers. I also noticed snacks. Lots of them. Some kids in the community just stop by for food, and Batch makes sure nobody goes hungry after school. Other kids take advantage of tutoring, sports teams, mentorship, and other programs designed to keep them off the streets and equipping them with the tools to be successful adults.

The fundraiser included ping pong, pool, bowling, card games, and other fun activities. It also included tremendous support from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Quarterbacks Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger, Landry Jones, and Brad Gradkowski came out to support the event, along with other current and former players.

Of the event, Batch said, "I was blown away. We are truly humbled by the Love & Support of all of our Volunteers & CMU for helping make our event a success. Also thank you to all of our Sponsors & Partners who helped make the night exciting.Thank you all for continuing to believe in the Best of the BatchFoundation, We couldn't have done it without you."

To find out more about Charlie Batch's foundation, visit The Best of the Batch.

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