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Allegheny County Sheriff investigating Raiders LB Ray-Ray Armstrong for taunting a K-9 officer

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In a strange story surfacing Tuesday, Oakland Raiders linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong is being investigated for taunting a Pittsburgh Police K-9 officer at Heinz Field Sunday before the Steelers vs. Raiders game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a strange story coming out of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Oakland Raiders Week 9 game, Allegheny County Sheriff office is investigating Raiders LB Ray-Ray Armstrong for reportedly taunting a K-9 officer prior to the game at Heinz Field. According to Pennsylvania state law, threatening a K-9 officer is considered a third-degree felony, but no charges have been filed as of Tuesday evening.

Per, "the Raiders player barked at the dog, lifted his shirt and pounded his chest between exiting the locker room and entering the field area for warm-ups, according to Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus. Kraus said the player also told the deputy holding the K-9 to 'send the dog.'"

"The dog was going crazy," Kraus said. "The deputy was trying to control the dog the best she could."

The sheriff's office has notified the Steelers, Raiders and the NFL league-office off their investigation, and if charged, Armstrong could face league discipline.

When Armstrong was asked about the investigation Tuesday in Oakland, he declined comment on the incident. Oakland signed Armstrong in 2014 after he was released by the St. Louis Rams for his lack of discipline and drawing too many penalties. It seems for the time being, Armstrong will have more important issues than drawing penalties as a special teams player throughout the 2015 season.