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AFC North Preview: Week 10

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All four teams that call the AFC North home are active in Week 10. See what the matchups are, injuries and how the games might unfold when all is said and done.

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It is Sunday, which means another full slate of NFL action is about to kickoff, and within the AFC North, all 4 teams are active in Week 10. See what matchups are out there, and what the standings might look like when the dust settles after another week of football concludes.

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4) vs. Cleveland Browns (2-7)

The Steelers host the Browns in an extremely important game at Heinz Field. The Steelers are directly in the middle of the AFC Playoff picture, and a loss to the Browns would absolutely cripple the black and gold heading into their bye week. These two teams won't have their starting quarterbacks accessible to them, but Pittsburgh has plenty to play for in terms of their potential playoff lives.

Not that Cleveland doesn't have anything to play for, after all, at 2-7 most would say Mike Pettine in coaching for his job, as well as players looking to keep a job in the NFL. This game is slated for a 1:00 p.m. EDT kickoff in Pittsburgh, PA. The Steelers are 6-point favorites.

Baltimore Ravens (2-6) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)

When the Ravens and Jaguars face off at M&T Bank Stadium Sunday, it will be the battle of two-win teams. The Ravens have been ravished by injuries, and the Jaguars are...well...the Jaguars. This might be one of the least attractive games on the NFL schedule this week, as neither team is currently in the running for any postseason accolades.

However, as crazy as it may sound, if Jacksonville can somehow get hot down the stretch, and the Indianapolis Colts (4-5) stumble without Andrew Luck, they could be a team to contend with in the worst division in football, the AFC South. The same might be true with the Ravens in the AFC Playoff picture, but with 6 losses already under their belt, the margin for error is razor thin.

Cincinnati Bengals (8-0) vs. Houston Texans (3-5)

On Monday Night Football the Bengals host the Texans in a very important game for Houston. As stated earlier, the Colts lead the AFC South with a 4-5 record and are now without their starting quarterback for an extended period of time. If there is a time to make a move in the division, the time is now, but their opponent couldn't be worse.

The Bengals have proven themselves to be one of the more complete teams in the league, and their perfect record is indicative of that. If the Texans could somehow pull of the upset in Cincinnati, it would not only hand the Bengals their first loss of the season, but it would also give them a huge confidence boost heading into the back half of their schedule where they try to secure a spot in the AFC postseason.