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Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell taking time to rehab his knee, and improve his skills in Black Ops 3

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The Steelers lost Le'Veon Bell for the season when he tore his MCL in his knee against the Bengals in Week 8. Bell is rehabbing his knee, but also utilizing the time off to improve his Black Ops 3 skills and posting them on social media.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Take a second and imagine you are an elite athlete. Not just your "journeyman" professional athlete, I'm talking the best of the best. That's what Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell is in the NFL, and his job has been put on hiatus since tearing his MCL in his knee in Week 8 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bell had surgery to repair the MCL, and other damage done in the knee, and other than rehabbing his injury, what else is there to do? How about sharpen his skills at Black Ops 3, the latest edition of the Black Ops video game series. Bell takes his gaming serious, and has been posting videos of him playing the game on his verified Instagram page. When you can't smoke fools on the football field, I guess video games will have to suffice.

While Bell would much rather be playing football than playing video games, I give him an A for creativity with the use of his social media presence, and another avenue to connect with fans.

Take a look at what L. Bell has been up to recently:

Silencer with the Kuda

A video posted by LeVeon Bell (@steelerrb26) on