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2016 NFL Draft Order has the Pittsburgh Steelers holding the 24th pick overall

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After Week 10 in NFL action, the 2016 NFL Draft order is starting to take shape, and with the Pittsburgh Steelers poised to make a postseason run, they are currently in the back quarter of the draft order.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the NFL season still has six weeks remaining in the regular season, but for some teams, they are already looking forward to the 2016 NFL Draft to see what pieces they might be able to add to their arsenal for next season. While the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently 6-4, the No. 5 seed in the current AFC Playoff Picture and are poised for a postseason push after their Week 11 bye week, it is never too early to start looking at when teams are projected to pick in the upcoming draft.

With the Steelers anticipating a postseason game in 2015, they would be selecting in the back quarter of the upcoming Draft. Current standings have Pittsburgh selecting 24th overall in the first round.

A lot can change in six weeks, especially in terms of the positioning for the NFL Draft, but the Steelers are no strangers to drafting in the back end of the bunch. It was in 2014 the Steelers had the No. 21 pick after winning the AFC North, and selected OLB Bud Dupree from Kentucky. Dupree has registered 4 sacks to date, and looks to be every bit of explosive, and raw, as was predicted when the selection was in.

Who picks in the back half of the draft is never talked about. Everyone who's team is currently playing below the line wants the coveted first overall pick. Take a look at the projected Top 10 for the 2016 Draft:

1. Cleveland Browns
2. Tennessee Titans
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. San Diego Chargers
5. Dallas Cowboys
6. Detroit Lions
7. Jacksonville Jaguars
8. San Francisco 49ers
9. Houston Texans
10. New Orleans Saints

Could it be another top 5 pick for the Browns in 2016? Another No. 2 pick for the Titans after drafting Marcus Mariota at that position in the 2015 Draft? Will the Ravens continue to stumble and pick No. 3?

All those questions will be answered in due time. As for the Steelers, they have business to tend to in the coming weeks, but while we are on the topic, take the time to answer the poll below. Which position should the Steelers target heading into the 2016 Draft, assuming they are picking after the No. 20 selection?