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Pittsburgh Steelers end their week of work with a jovial practice heading into the bye week

Wednesday was the last practice for the Pittsburgh Steelers before heading into their bye week, and the team had a light practice with RC cars, a DJ and more.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the Pittsburgh Steelers already in the midst of their annual bye week, NFL teams don't grant their players an entire week off. For Mike Tomlin, it is customary for the team to practice Monday thru Wednesday before they all jettison to their home towns to spend the extended weekend with family and loved ones. For some, Pittsburgh is now home, but for others it equates to finding a means of transportation to their desired destination.

With only one practice remaining in the week, the Steelers were stunned when they found out they were to wear full pads for this last workout before their break.

However, the team quickly realized the practice season would be anything but intense as it was filled with fun, laughter, RC Cars zooming in and out of position groups sessions and none other than DJ William Gay spinnin' the tables as the team disc jockey for the practice session.

There are the old school fans who will see this information as ridiculous. After all, these young men get paid a lot of money to play a game. Why in the world would they deserve a day of fun when they are headed into a weekend off? All I can say to such a sentiment is that this team listens to, appreciates and plays hard for Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has his finger on the pulse of the team, and a little fun before going away for a weekend never hurt anyone.

The team has every reason to be happy. They have won back-to-back games, but they are far from satisfied with their 6-4 record. Nonetheless, they are in the driver seat in terms of controlling their own destiny in the AFC Playoff Picture. The Steelers will report back to work on Monday and continue their preparation for their Week 12 opponent, the Seattle Seahawks.

Now, I leave you with a strangely funny video of cornerback Ross Cockrell doing his best Bob Ross impersonation as he paints the Steelers' logo on canvas.