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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night 5 questions and open thread

The Pittsburgh Steelers are resting and relaxing this weekend enjoying their bye week, but there is plenty to talk about heading into Week 11 in the NFL. Pull up a chair and join us for the Friday Night 5 questions and open thread.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the Pittsburgh Steelers taking the week off, there is no such thing at BTSC, and that includes the Friday Night 5 questions and open thread. You know the rules by now, but if you are new to this arena, here they are: State your beverage of the evening, answer the questions to the best of your ability in the comment section, no rabbit or kidney punches and please refrain from uttering the name Phil Luckett this week (you'll find out in Question No. 5).

Time to get this party started right!

1. Week 11 will have some significant matchups, but most AFC opponents are paired with NFC competition this week. That makes the rooting interest easy for Steelers fans, but there is that pesky Monday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills. Who are you rooting for in this game? As for me, I'm pulling for New England (I just threw up in my mouth...) because I want the Steelers to have the easiest route to the postseason. Who are you rooting for, and is there any team you CAN NOT root matter what?

2. Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown is about a smooth as the finest whiskey, but would you consider Ben and AB the best QB to WR tandem in the NFL? If not, who is?

3. AB's flip into the endzone was crazy. Plenty of Steelers have done celebrations after TDs. Which was your favorite over the years?

4. It is the bye week, which means you have a weekend without Steelers football (how depressing is that?!). How do you handle the bye week? Spend it with family? Watch all the key matchups around the league?

5. As we approach Thanksgiving, I think we can all remember (if you were alive/old enough to remember) that fateful day in 1998 when Phil Luckett ruined my Thanksgiving when the Steelers lost in OT to the Detroit Lions on the famed "coin flip" game. Please take the time and tell the story of where you were, and how it impacted your holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe if you are traveling, and don't forget to check back to BTSC occasionally for some great information leading up to the team's Week 12 showdown with the Seattle Seahawks.