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Steelers OLB Arthur Moats fined league minimum for facemask on Browns QB Johnny Manziel

Arthur Moats received his fine from the NFL for his facemask on Johnny Manziel, and although he was expecting a heavy fine, he was given the league minimum for such a penalty.

Pittsburgh Steelers OLB Arthur Moats prepared for the worst, but was hoping for the best, when it came to the amount he would be fined for his egregious facemask of Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel in Week 10 at Heinz Field. Moats told media earlier this week he was thinking $30,000 for the fine, if he had to give a prediction, and on Friday the league office's notice arrived.

Moats received more than a certificate of the "Jelly of the Month Club", but the notice gave him the minimum fine from the league for a personal foul facemask penalty. The amount? $8,681 for a first time offense. The amount doubles if Moats were to be flagged again for a facemask penalty.

If you haven't seen the play in which Moats was flagged, here it is:

Moats now heads into the bye week with a little less cash in his bank account, but after you watch the play you realize the fine could have been even more severe.