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AFC Playoff Picture: Pittsburgh Steelers hold onto No. 5 spot through Sunday slate of games

The Pittsburgh Steelers were off this week with their bye week, but they were able to hold onto their No. 5 seed in the AFC Playoff Picture due to some help.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There was a good chance with the Pittsburgh Steelers, on their bye week, would lose their No. 5 position in the AFC Playoff Picture in Week 11. After all, most of the teams either in the hunt, or vying for a spot in the playoff picture, were active in Week 11. Nonetheless, after the Sunday slate of games came to an end, the Steelers remained in the 5th spot of the playoff picture.

Take a look at the most current AFC Playoff Picture (heading into Monday Night Football):

1. New England Patriots - BYE
2. Cincinnati Bengals - BYE

3. Denver Broncos
6. Buffalo Bills

4. Indianapolis Colts
5. Pittsburgh Steelers

In the hunt:

7. Kansas City Chiefs
8. Houston Texans
9. New York Jets
11. Oakland Raiders
12. Jacksonville Jaguars
10. Miami Dolphins

These rankings could certainly change quickly with the Bills and Patriots going head-to-head on Monday Night Football. If the Bills are able to defeat New England, they would leap frog Pittsburgh and move into the No. 5 spot in the playoff picture, but if they were to lose they would drop into the 5-5 pack where the Chiefs, Texans and Jets currently reside.

As the Steelers are preparing to play the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12, fans are scoreboard watching hoping for the best possible outcome for the Steelers as they enter their final 6 games of the regular season looking for back-to-back playoff berth.