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Steelers Injury Report: Stephon Tuitt and Will Allen set to return to practice Wednesday

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The Pittsburgh Steelers got good news on the injury front during Mike Tomlin's weekly press conference, as two starters might be working their way back to game action starting Wednesday.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have been on the wrong side of the injury report for the majority of the 2015 season. Injuries to Maurkice Pouncey, Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Shazier, Kelvin Beachum and now Le'Veon Bell have sent shockwaves throughout the organization and truly tested the team's depth. As unfortunate as some of those injuries have been, the team has also been lucky more haven't been the season-ending variety.

Mike Tomlin addressed the media Tuesday for his weekly press conference and gave the following updates on some key Steelers who are looking to return to the playing field this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders in Week 9 action.

Linebacker Terence Garvin (knee) has already been ruled out of the upcoming game with a MCL sprain, but the team could see two starters return to action depending on how their individual injuries respond to the workload of practice. Stephon Tuitt (knee) and Will Allen (ankle) both look to return to practice to test their specific injuries on Wednesday. How they respond will be an indication of their availability this Sunday at Heinz Field.

With two starters possibly returning, one's status is in the air, as Mike Mitchell (concussion) is going through the NFL's mandated concussion protocol. He will return to practice, and the playing field, when the independent doctors deem he is healthy enough to play. Tomlin did state if Allen and Mitchell can't play, it would be a safety tandem of Robert Golden and Shamarko Thomas in the deep secondary.

Other encouraging news for the Steelers was the report Le'Veon Bell did not suffer any damage to his ACL. There is a chance he doesn't require surgery on his MCL, which would significantly shorten the amount of time spent in rehab during the offseason. Also, Tomlin referenced no setback with Ben Roethlisberger and his knee injury, meaning the team is moving ahead without any question who their quarterback is from a health standpoint.

This is a very important week of practice for the Steelers, and an even bigger game looms this Sunday against the Raiders. Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for all the important news involving the black and gold heading into Week 9.