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Mike Mitchell ignites fire between Steelers and Bengals

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The feuding between the Steelers and Bengals over Le'Veon Bell's injury is not over, and Mike Mitchell added fuled to the fire after Wednesday's practice.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought that the beef between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals over Le'Veon Bell's injury was over, you were wrong.

Mike Mitchell has been added to the fray from the comments of Bengals players. Marvin Jones called Mitchell "fake tough" from the hit that folded Jones in half and knocked the wind out of him. Andrew Whitworth also tried to sound wise with a crack about Mike Mitchell's antics after the hit.

To be fair, the hit from Mitchell simply knocked the wind out of a player and Jones was immedately moving both his arms and legs for everyone to see. Bell's hit immediately looked bad and he reached to his knee, something that usually indicates a very serious injury. Mitchell's hit also forced an incompletion on what would have been a first down play for the Bengals, while Burfict's tackle was after an eight yard completion on first down that had no reason to celebrate outside of the chance that Bell may have been suffered a serious injury. Comparing the two comes off a bit disingenuous.

However, Mitchell had his own comments in response to both Jones and the Bengals regarding the hits on both sides.

"He's fortunate that I'm playing a lot smarter than I used to," Mitchell said of Jones according to Chris Bradford. "Because it very well could have been a face shot or a knee shot and he probably would have been out a lot longer."

When asked about whether or not he had regrets on his hit on Jones, Mitchell showed no remorse.

"Absolutely not," he said. "I watched Vontaze Burfict hurt Le'Veon Bell, get up and jump and run to his bench. I wish I would have went low (on Jones)."

It seems the entire Steelers' roster feels a certain way, not about Burfict's hit, but his celebration after injuring their all-pro starting running back. Not long after Bell's injury Mitchell would be fined for reportedly telling A.J. Green he would be "next" after the Steelers forced another stop on third down. When asked about it, Mitchell didn't run from his comments.

"We're not choir boys, guys," said Mitchell, who cleared the NFL's concussion protocol and was a full participant in practice Wednesday after being injured in the fourth quarter Sunday. "It's reality. When you see that, it's real. It's not Boy Scouts."

Mitchell most certainly is one player which will be waiting for the rematch of these two teams. Their rivalry has taken several steps forward, and their next meeting is on Sunday, December 13th, 1:00PM. Look for this game to possibly be flexed into the primetime game.