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Mike Tomlin open to changes in the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary

After the Seattle Seahawks shredded the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary, Mike Tomlin admitted he is finally open to change within the defensive backs.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

It took a three game stretch where the Pittsburgh Steelers allowed nearly 1,000 yards through the air for head coach Mike Tomlin to publicly admit he is considering a change within the team's porous secondary. While many will immediately point the finger at Antwon Blake and Brandon Boykin, the changes Tomlin mentioned were more diverse than simply swapping out the two defensive backs.

Antwon Blake, as well as Ross Cockrell, were mentioned by Tomlin as having "below the line" performances Sunday, when the team lost 39-30 to the Seattle Seahawks on the road. While fans are clamoring to see Brandon Boykin get his first real playing time of the year, Tomlin mentioned not just changes with Blake, Cockrell and Boykin, but also William Gay.

Tomlin finally diagnosed the reason Boykin hasn't seen the field, Boykin isn't very good on the outside, and Gay is their best defender on the inside. However, Tomlin mentioned the thought of keeping Gay on the outside, and moving Boykin to the slot when teams deploy multiple wide receiver sets.

Tomlin praised Boykin's work ethic, but when it came to results on the field he had to reference his time with the Philadelphia Eagles and in college at the University of Georgia. Even if Tomlin does deploy the defensive backs as previously mentioned, with Gay on the outside and Boykin in the slot, it still leaves either Blake or Cockrell manning the outside opposite of Gay.

This is the moment in Tomlin's weekly press conference when he talked about giving both Cockrell and Blake a chance to redeem themselves. After all, both have played better football in previous weeks compared to their performance against the Seahawks.

Whether the secondary looks any different against the Indianapolis Colts is anyone's guess, but the fact Tomlin is actually considering a change is a step in the right direction for a secondary desperately in need of change. Since Week 9, the Steelers have given up 10 passing touchdowns (T-29th in NFL), 8.6 yards per attempt (28th in NFL) and a total QBR of 72 for opposing quarterbacks (27th in the NFL). If there was ever a red light flashing "Changes need to be made", it would be currently be flashing. Now is the time to sit back and see if Tomlin actually does anything about it.