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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night 5 Questions and Open Thread

The Pittsburgh Steelers enter Week 14 with a gigantic game against the Cincinnati Bengals. I think we will need to talk about this one a bit...join us for the 5 questions and open thread!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are about to do battle with the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 14 in the Queen City, and despite their records this game looks to be a close one. The Bengals got the best of the Steelers earlier this season, but did more than just defeat Pittsburgh. They injured Le'Veon Bell. A lot has been written about this game and the bad blood between these two teams, but it is time to answer some questions and talk this thing out.

If you are new to the group, the rules are simple: State your beverage for the evening, answer the questions to the best of your ability in the comment section below, keep your punches above the belt and please refrain from any discussion surrounding the Pittsburgh Pirates' inability to do anything useful in terms of offseason acquisitions and trades.

Lets get this party started right...

1. The first meeting between these two teams was a low scoring affair (16-10), but both of the offenses have put up over 30 points in the past 3 weeks. How do you see this game playing out? Low scoring grudge match or a high-flying fireworks show?

2. The Bengals have some injuries in the secondary. If you are Todd Haley, do you come out and test the unit early by pushing the ball down the field, or try to establish the run early?

3. Stopping A.J. Green is very similar to stopping Antonio Brown. It is nearly impossible to do, but he can be slowed down. Who scares you more going into this game, Green or Tyler Eifert?

4. The Steelers final four games is the tale of two halves (@ CIN, vs. DEN, @ BAL, @ CLE), how confident are you this team runs the table to control their own destiny?

5. A little situational fun for Friday night. The Steelers are clinging to a 4 point lead, 4th quarter with only 6 seconds left in the game. The Bengals have the ball on the Pittsburgh 15-yard line. You have to call in a defense, are you blitzing Andy Dalton, or playing back to try and win without sending extra blitzers?

Okay folks, that's all for this week...have a great weekend and be sure to check BTSC for the best Steelers coverage on the internet leading up to the big game Sunday! Here we go Steelers!