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AFC Playoff Picture: A Steelers victory in Week 15 will propel them into the 6th seed, regardless of the Jets and Chiefs results

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently in a three-way tie for the final two Wild Card spots in the AFC Playoff Picture. Although they are on the outside looking in, that could all change after Week 15.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves in a three-way tie with the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs at 8-5, and with only two AFC Wild Card positions available there is going to be one team left on the outside looking in at the postseason party. Heading into Week 15, that team is the Steelers. They are the 7th seeded team among the group, due to tiebreakers not going their way with the Jets and Chiefs.

However, that can all change this Sunday at Heinz Field when the Denver Broncos come to town. With a victory over Denver, regardless of the Jets' result, the Steelers would move into the 6th seed of the playoff picture. The reason for this change would be the Steelers would have a better "common opponents" record, which would move them above the Jets in the playoff picture.

If the Jets were to lose Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, it would only aid the Steelers' chances of making the 2015 Playoffs, but with a win, the Steelers will still move ahead of the Jets.

Time to take a look at the current AFC Playoff Picture headed into Week 15:

1. New England Patriots - 11-2 - BYE
2. Cincinnati Bengals - 10-3 - BYE

3. Denver Broncos - 10-3
6. New York Jets - 8-5

4. Indianapolis Colts - 6-7
5. Kansas City Chiefs - 8-5

In the hunt:
7. Pittsburgh Steelers - 8-5
8. Oakland Raiders - 6-7
9. Buffalo Bills - 6-7 
10. Houston Texans - 6-7

For the Steelers, they truly only need to be concerned about who they are playing every week of the regular season, but to look at the other two teams' final three games only enhances the likelihood of Pittsburgh making the postseason. Take a look at their final three games:

Kansas City Chiefs:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Ravens (4-9), vs. Browns (3-10), vs. Raiders (6-7)

New York Jets:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Cowboys (4-9), vs. Patriots (11-2), at Bills (6-7)

Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, but if the Steelers can beat the Broncos this Sunday at Heinz Field, they will be in the driver seat heading into their final two games of the season against the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns, both on the road.