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Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams surprises fans at Dick's Sporting Goods

When you are finishing up your holiday shopping this week, you might want to be on the lookout for a specific Steelers RB with some pink dreadlocks.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Are you a procrastinator like me? Well, if you are, there are only hours remaining until the official Christmas shopping season ends. So, if you are in the Pittsburgh area, and decided to take advantage of Dick's Sporting Goods' new online order system, you might be surprised by who is helping hand out the purchases.

Recently, Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams went undercover to help promote Dick's Sporting Goods' new system of ordering items. You can purchase them online, and pick them up in the store to prevent shipping issues, and to have your items before the holidays.

Some fans picked up on who is handling their purchases, while others are shocked when Williams ditches his hat to let his long, pink dreadlocks flow.

Either way, all who were a part of this experiment seemed to have a fantastic time. You can see the video below, and if you are interested in this new way of shopping, check out Dick's Sporting Goods website.