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Pittsburgh Steelers playoff percentages sky rocket heading into Week 16

The Pittsburgh Steelers are inching closer to their second consecutive postseason berth. See how their playoff percentages have increased after their Week 15 victory.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Don't look now, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are arguably the hottest team in the NFL heading into Week 16, and with two road games against the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns between them and their second straight postseason berth, it is no surprise their playoff percentages have sky rocketed.

After the team's amazing come-from-behind win over the Denver Broncos in Week 15, the Steelers increased not just their odds of making the playoffs, but to advance far in the postseason. Thanks to our friends at NumberFire, they give us the breakdown.

Projected Record: 10.54 - 5.46 (Change: 0.36 wins)
Playoffs: 89.44% (Change: 25.1%)
Conference Championship: 13.26% (Change: 4.06%)
Super Bowl: 6.04% (Change: 1.96%)

The biggest change for the Steelers following Week 15 was their percentage of making the playoffs. As they had been stalled around the 60-percent number for a few weeks, the number jumped 25.1-percent to 89.44-percent. In other words, barring a huge misstep the Steelers should make the postseason.

The awesome aspect of this increase is due to the fact the Steelers took control of their destiny, and have taken care of business. There weren't any shocking upsets, or a great deal of help from other teams. No, the Steelers have single-handedly beaten the Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos, two top tier AFC teams, in consecutive weeks to put themselves in this position with two weeks remaining in the season.

Other numbers which increased after their Week 15 win were their projected record, which is now nearly 11 wins, as well as a slight increase in their chances of making the AFC Championship game.

It now comes down to two games. Two road games against division rivals. Win and you are in, stumble and it becomes a guessing game. If these numbers suggest anything, it is the odds are in Pittsburgh's favor.