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The Pittsburgh Steelers serenade fans with Christmas carols leading into the holidays

The Pittsburgh Steelers want to send some holiday greetings your way. Check out the latest edition of the Steelers Christmas Carols, but be warned -- it isn't pretty!

Earlier this week you were able to see a thrilling Pittsburgh Steelers rendition of the famous "12 Days of Christmas" earlier this week, and if that wasn't enough holiday spirit for you, the team has put out their yearly tradition of singing Christmas carols by position groups.

Warning: You might want to turn your computer speakers off before clicking play.

The Steelers hope to give each of their fans a Christmas gift this Sunday when they play the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16. Win the game at M&T Bank Stadium, and they clinch a playoff spot in the 2015 AFC Playoffs. There is no greater gift for Steelers fans around the globe than to see their favorite football team in the postseason for back-to-back seasons as they continue their quest for their 7th Lombardi trophy.