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Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin: Rex Ryan is a friend, but won't be hearing from him heading into Week 17

The Pittsburgh Steelers need to beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 17, but some help from the Buffalo Bills as well. Don't expect Mike Tomlin to pick up the phone and call Rex Ryan.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have painted themselves into a corner, in regards to their AFC Playoff hopes. The Steelers need to defeat the Cleveland Browns in Week 17, and they need the Buffalo Bills to beat the New York Jets in Buffalo Sunday to get into the postseason.

For Bills' head coach Rex Ryan, there is a lot on the line in regards to his final game of the regular season. Not only is it a home game against his former team, but he also has a chance to end their season early. With players and coaches for the Bills possibly playing for their jobs, the Steelers will be watching the score of the game to see where they stand in their quest for a second consecutive playoff berth.

In his weekly Tuesday press conference, Mike Tomlin was asked about his relationship with Rex Ryan, and his answer was very candid. He considers Ryan a friend, but at the same time won't be calling him leading up to the game against the Jets this Sunday.

The Steelers need to focus on winning their own game before worrying about games going on in other stadiums, and after their Week 16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens nothing is certain. However, Tomlin did mention he won't try to stop his players from possibly scoreboard watching throughout the game as both the Jets and Bills game will be transpiring at the same time the Steelers are playing the Browns.

Pittsburgh has gone from controlling their own destiny, to now relying on help to make their postseason dreams come true. Tomlin and Ryan are friends, and all of Steelers Nation will be hoping Ryan can help out a friend in Week 17 to aid in their playoff intentions.