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Pittsburgh Steelers playoff percentages plummet after Week 12 loss in Seattle

The Pittsburgh Steelers were riding high into Week 12, but fell off their horse in Seattle with a 30-39 loss to the Seahawks. Their record wasn't the only thing to plummet, but also their percentages of making the playoffs.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers percentage of making the 2015 postseason might as well resemble the stock market. Up one week, down the next. After the team's Week 12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, their percentage of making the playoffs didn't just fall, it plummeted. Entering their game against the Seahawks, the Steelers had roughly a 60-percent chance of making the 2015 postseason. The loss, combined with other outcomes in Week 12, resulted in that 60-percent dropping significantly.

Take a look at some percentages from our friends at NumberFire, in regards to the Steelers:

Projected Record: 9.17 - 6.83 (Change: -0.6 wins)
Super Bowl: 2.1% (Change: -2.42%)
Playoffs: 45.16% (Change: -24.92%)
Division: 2.04% (Change: -4.1%)

As you glance over the numbers, let's be honest, the only thing which matters to this 6-5 team is making the postseason. At 45-percent, their odds aren't horrible, but when you look at how it changed nearly 25-percent in the wrong direction, it leaves you with a sickening feeling in your stomach.

One thing which should be noted is the fact this all took place in one week. One game, one loss. The same can happen in reverse order. If the Steelers are able to defeat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 13, along with some favorable outcomes in Week 13, there is a chance the Steelers' postseason hopes will be alive and well, rather than on life support.

It is safe to say the Cincinnati Bengals have all but wrapped up the AFC North crown, something which had been a lock before they suffered back-to-back losses. However, after the Steelers loss Sunday, and the Bengals defeating the St. Louis Rams, they are on the precipice of not only clinching a playoff berth, but also a division title. For the Steelers, it is a "one game at a time" approach for the black and gold, and the next team on the docket is the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football at Heinz Field. Just need to go 1-0 this week.