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Steelers fans can't blame Todd Haley for the lack of a running game against Seattle in Week 12

The Pittsburgh Steelers were very pass-heavy against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12, something which caused many fans to cringe and spew venom directed at offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Come to find out, such malice is misdirected.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

When you look at the box score of the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 12 game against the Seattle Seahawks you have to do a double take. 59 pass attempts and 14 rush attempts. 14 rush attempts?! Must be a misprint, but it isn't. The Steelers were a pass-heavy team against Seattle, which got fans' anger brewing towards the team's offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Spend any time on social media, or simply pay attention to rapper Snoop Dogg, and the Haley venom is never far away. The hashtag "#FireHaley" is as customary as the hashtag "#HereWeGo" on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during games. However, before fans start to have a coronary over Haley getting away from the run, it might be worth noting the hatred towards Mr. Haley might be off the mark, in this instance.

According to Jason Mackey of, Haley approached running back DeAngelo Williams midway through the game to talk to the running back about going to the ground game, and Williams' response is all fans need to know.

"No," Haley said Williams told him. "Let's keep doing what we're doing. They can't stop us."

The most devout Haley haters will scoff at such a thought, but the truth of the matter is the Steelers were able to move the ball through the air, and despite Williams not getting many carries, sticking with what was working very well could have been the team's best course of action at the midway point of the game.

The facts will show the 4 interceptions thrown were the true back breakers of the Steelers in Seattle, and as those who live to second-guess coaches would say, "If they had been running the ball those interceptions never happen." Seems sound in theory, but, upon further review, it doesn't add up when the Steelers were moving the ball with such a ferocious clip through the air.

Fans love to hate Todd Haley. It has been that way since he was brought on the staff in 2013, but in this instance it seems as if the coordinator was probing his players for thoughts on getting back to the ground game, and it was Williams who shot the idea down. Time to put the Haley hate in the back pocket until this Sunday on Sunday Night Football when the Indianapolis Colts come to Heinz Field.