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The Pittsburgh Steelers are the least penalized team in NFL

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been very disciplined when it comes to avoiding penalties.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh has the fewest number of penalties so far this 2015 season. Through Week 12, they have only been penalized 64 times. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the ignominious distinction of having the most penalties in the league with 109. The Buffalo Bills are in second place with 104. The Oakland Raiders and New Orleans Saints are next with 92.

How do these penalties break down? 31 have been offensive penalties for 242 yards; 22 are defensive for 254 yards; and, 11 are special teams penalties for 109 yards. Seven of the Steelers penalties have come from center Cody Wallace. He has seven penalties for 65 yards. Defensive back Antwon Blake has 5 penalties for 69 yards.

Though Pittsburgh has the fewest number of penalties so far this year, they rank 14th in the league in penalty yardage. With 605 yards given up to penalties, the Steelers still managed to fare better than fellow AFC North teams. The Cincinnati Bengals (673 yards), Cleveland Browns (758 yards), and Baltimore Ravens (801 yards).

Last year, the Steelers finished the season ranked 15th for total penalties and 20th in penalty yardage at 948. During the 2013 season, Pittsburgh had the fifth fewest number of penalties (75) for only 648 yards on the entire season.

While officiating has been a source of extreme frustration this season, the Steelers have been the least penalized team in the league so far this year. They now face off against Indianapolis on Sunday, a team that has 75 penalties for 591 yards through Week 12.