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AFC Playoff Picture: Steelers rise in rankings after win, but still on the outside looking in

The Pittsburgh Steelers dominated the Indianapolis Colts 45-10 on Sunday Night Football in Week 13, but despite their victory, they still find themselves on the outside looking in, in terms of the AFC Playoff Picture.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers put on a show for the home crowd, as well as millions watching around the world, at Heinz Field when they humiliated the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football 45-10. The victory propelled their record to 7-5, and in terms of the the AFC Playoff Picture, Pittsburgh is very much alive and well. However, despite their record, the Steelers still find themselves on the outside looking in. Take a look at the current AFC Playoff Picture:

AFC Playoff Picture after Week 13:

1. Cincinnati Bengals - 10-2 - BYE
2. Denver Broncos - 10-2 - BYE

3. New England Patriots - 10-2
6. New York Jets - 7-5

4. Indianapolis Colts - 6-6
5. Kansas City Chiefs - 7-5

In the hunt:
7. Pittsburgh Steelers - 7-5
8. Buffalo Bills - 6-6
9. Houston Texans - 6-6
10. Oakland Raiders - 5-7
11. Miami Dolphins - 5-7

In terms of tiebreaking procedures, the reason the Steelers find themselves behind the Jets and Chiefs is simple. The Chiefs have the head-to-head win over Pittsburgh from Week 7, and they also have much better conference record (6-2) than Pittsburgh (4-4). The Jets are above the Steelers for their superior conference record (5-4), but a lot can change in the final four weeks of the season.

The disappointing aspect of this Playoff Picture is the Steelers don't currently control their own destiny. All they can control is the outcome of their game every week, but taking a look at the remaining schedules of those teams vying for the coveted AFC Wild Card spot will likely come down to the bitter end. Should be fun to watch.

Kansas City Chiefs:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Chargers (3-9), at Ravens (4-8), vs. Browns (2-10), vs. Raiders (5-6)

New York Jets:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Titans (3-9), at Cowboys (3-8), vs. Patriots (10-2), at Bills (6-6)

Pittsburgh Steelers:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Colts (6-6), at Bengals (10-2), vs. Broncos (10-2), at Ravens (4-8), at Browns (2-10)

Buffalo Bills:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Eagles (5-7), at Redskins (5-6), vs. Cowboys (3-8), vs. Jets (7-5)

Houston Texans:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Patriots (10-2), at Colts (6-6), at Titans (3-9), vs. Jaguars (4-8)

Oakland Raiders:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Broncos (10-2), vs. Packers (8-4), vs. Chargers (3-9), at Chiefs (7-5)

Miami Dolphins:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Giants (5-7), at Chargers (3-9), vs. Colts (6-6), vs. Patriots (10-2)

Indianapolis Colts:
REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Steelers (7-5), at Jaguars (4-8), vs. Texans (6-6), at Dolphins (5-7), vs. Titans (3-9)