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Jacoby Jones demoted from KR and PR duties by Steelers, not released

The Pittsburgh Steelers adjusted their depth chart following Jacoby Jones' two fumbles against the Colts in Week 12. What was surprising is Jones wasn't given his outright release.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Once upon a time, Jacoby Jones was a Baltimore Raven, running down the sidelines towards the endzone as Mike Tomlin looked at the jumbotron in disbelief. When Dri Archer was released earlier in the season, Jacoby Jones became a Pittsburgh Steeler, after a stint with the San Diego Chargers.

On Sunday night, Jones appeared to have oiled his hands, fumbling twice. It wasn't the first time Jones struggled. In other games as a Steeler he either fumbled or appeared dangerously close to fumbling. His best plays were the ones where he simply held onto the ball.

After his wretched performance on Sunday evening, it seemed almost a guarantee that the beleaguered, butterfingered kick returner would be sent packing. After all, he has become the returner version of placekicker Josh Scobee. When he hits the field, fans cross their fingers, hold their breath, and wince in anticipation of an avoidable catastrophe.

Instead, as Bob Labriola reported via Twitter on Tuesday, Jacoby Jones was merely demoted. Markus Wheaton and Antonio Brown are now at the top of the depth chart for kick returns and punt returns.

Jones is taking up space on the roster at a time when, though it is Week 14, the team is struggling to forge an identity in the secondary and have suffered a spate of injuries so extensive at times it appears the team was cursed.

Does Jones really deserve a spot on the roster? It is hard to imagine the Steelers rationale for keeping him on the team after he has proven to be a liability rather than an asset.